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Mild mannered woman child by day. Insane cartoonist by night. Mel one day hopes to figure out the meaning of life, comics are a tool to accomplish this goal, while not taking herself too seriously. OR AT LEAST IT WAS. NOW? Now it is said crazy persons attempt at making a comic choir, Because we all sound a little less crazy when we sing the crazy TOGETHER. THAT'S how mob mentality works!

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Friday, November 20, 2020

This season brings the out the asshole in all of us.

Some days I think I'm not a very good person to be around.  I don't see the people I dislike being around considering this as a possibility.  Perhaps the solution is to tighten your circle untill you know everyone around you appreciates your brand of asshole. 

So, covid, thank you for making this easier to do.

Thursday, May 07, 2020

cooking lessons and political cartoons

I have taken cooking lessons before.  They were really nice but resulted in a pile of recipes I don't really use.    I never have all the ingredients and they asked for specialty stuff that just ended up going bad in my cubbard 

If I could start again a million miles away?  Well there is have no way to gurentee that I would like it any better there now would I ?

 I may wind up in a land surrounded by dickwads.  Which wouldn't really be an upgrade from my pain at all.  Worse yet I could be American.  No offense, but your all crazy right now.  I'm being generous and assuming your not always starting fights at protests as I saw on the news feed.  What part of a fist fight is socially distanced people?

 I really have to limit my news intake.  it's far too easy for me to hit a wall of frustration I can't escape. 
Not in body or mind.  

I love walking. 
I go for alot of walks, touch nothing, and have only been yelled at once to stay home.  This is Canada.   We know not to be crazy in public, and then we plot the demise of dickwads in our stories, that or break all our pots.  


I need new pots and there are no garage sales this spring.
I have inherited a bunch of garden tools and old pots.
I think the moral here is, life has a way of working itself out.  It will be terribly inconvenient,  leave you in tears, and dissapoint you.  
Shit will be managed.
And that's all we can ask for somedays.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

no, I can stay here untill the end of time guys.

We all know about the global pandemic going on.   During this time Ive been working on catching up on the news and trying my hand at Political cartoons!

Every time Mr Trudeau opens his mouth magic just falls out of his mouth.  We all know not to trust leprechauns but this one is really nice and want to share the pot of gold with everybody!

but first your kids need to put a sign up asking the Easter bunny to pass by their house and give their candy to the healthcare workers on the front lines.  NOW.  Only your child can decide if you have to brave the store to get Easter candy, but this man thinks of everything, so at least this one hurdle was made easier for you all.

Don't worry we have no plans of coloring our comics again.  Next year you can print them out and have your kid do it.

It was this or Korean melodramas guys, only options.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

covid19 hates all of your plans.

March 26: Isolation day six. 

I wake to a disgusting messy room. Which is funny because I started this forced vacation with plans to thoroughly spring clean the house.  We upgraded our pantry system then moved on to our stores of writing and all hell broke loose.  For the last ten years I have been hording ideas as I worked full time, went to school, and studied.  For the last two years of cronic pain this hord has doubled as I try to find a way to make this a long term endeavor both for myself and the site.

I had snagged a small table at a convention for may.  That convention has been canceled due to covid19. 
Plans were made.
Plans were destroyed.
All I know.
Is I will have your shit people.

I will have the comics hidden in your art drawer, filed between your taxes and appliance manuals, stuffed in a box in the closet, forgotten on your deviant art, they will be mine.
Please keep the comics under your bed and in your smut drawer to yourself.  We are not that type of place.

Monday, January 20, 2020

pain. you make me a believer now for fucks sake shut up.

I lay in my bed this morning and remember the days I was a landscaper.  The days I would wake up to the satisfying feeling of healing muscles.  The work was hard but the company of flowers and shrubbery can't be beat.

I would go on long hikes for no other reason then I could.
I'm 30.
This is normal.
 This is 30. 

Then there was an accident.
Im 31.  The pain inflames my entire back and I can barely do anything.  I do everything the physio and massage therapist tell me  to do but see no change.

Im 32.  I decide to do the comic thing again and spend alot of time shifting papers trying to find the funnies.  Nothing is funny but I know I laughed once.

Im 33. 
I'm afraid to go on long hikes because I may end up wasting the day in the bathtub trying to find release.
This should be what 60 feels like on a healthy body.
I look fine.
Barely a wrinkle on me.
"Hello" I say it all day long because there is nothing else I want to say.
Sometimes this induces a giggle fit because this is the name of my show and I'm a bit of a twisted fuck. 

But today.
Today I make an angry Playlist with songs I liked in my teens and left behind as my anger left me in the freedom I found within adult life.  
And I dance, an angry dance, no I won't dance it for you it looks nuts, as I do my yoga, and I can.

I can stretch as far as I could before the accident.
I can dance.
I can do push ups.
I can do a shit load of squats.

And the pain remains. 
There is no relief. 
Only moments of respite.

One day. I think handing a bag to a confused customer as I try to stifle a maddened giggle.
I'll make you laugh about this.

Friday, January 17, 2020

I would jump on the bandwagon but I have standards.

My husband has been asking me to watch good omens with him for weeks.  I've been putting it off.  Once I've watched a movie there is no chance of me being able to read the book.  Years ago I picked up a second hand copy, from a bookstore that opened and was closed in a year, and for some reason everytime I pick the book up my brain feels as though someone is slamming a door shut.  
Right in my face.
The feeling is quite off putting and upsetting as I quite enjoy Terry Pratchett and Coraline was good.

I skipped Sunday school alot as a teen and would walk to the chapters nearby and read full books.  I would pick a book and read it an hour at a time a little every week.  I could never sit still durring the service.😕  that must be the reason.  God's punishing me by locking me out of a book that may or may not make him look cool to the masses again.  Or at the very least his foot soldiers.

I saw a performance of spamalot last year and beauty and the beast this year.  I can't sit in the theater seats pain free and it's not just the local community theaters rundown chairs.  The movie theater chairs are just as bad.  I saw starwars last week in the recliner chairs and and.......

I want to make you laugh about this!
"Look on the bright side of life!" the performers sang.  
I started to cry in the theater.

2019 was rough:
My cat died.
My grandma died.
I finished the chapter on my icbc case just to get on with my life.

2019 was awsome:
Saw two local plays, Spamalot and Beauty and the Beast.
Went to Vancaf and handed out free zines.

And I'm going to try reading Good Omens again this week God, Cus I'm watching the show in febuary, and all I'm gonna say is if I can't finish it and the shows really good.  I'm going to go buy a book on witchcraft just like when your followers pissed me off in highschool.   
I'm trying to draw comics full time now. Why not fully regress into childish vengeful insanity?
I mean.
You would do it for less.

Monday, January 06, 2020

Chronic pain year 4

I am much better than I was.
I am past a major plateau that would lead me to smoke pot to end the pain.
I no longer take pain meds that would eat at my stomach leaving me constantly hungry.  The only remedy being sourcrout.  I am sick of sourcrout.  I have bought many boxes this year in an attempt to make managing my house easier.  This is a failure thus far and has left me mad, frustrated, and uncomfortably fearing for my sanity.  
One day this will be funny.
One day I will laugh at all of this and make you all laugh about it. That is the goal.
Today is not that day.

I have tried the yoga.  
The yoga is the good shit both before and after the accident.
Please never ask me this question again.