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Mild mannered woman child by day. Insane cartoonist by night. Mel one day hopes to figure out the meaning of life. Comics are a tool to accomplish this goal while not taking herself too seriously.

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Friday, December 07, 2018

The adventures of melmc

I went to Vancouver this week for a medical appointment.  Afterwards I met with a friend and told him about my plans for Say Hello Comics.  Essentially Im practicing basic marketing and networking skills but in the safe loving arms of familiarity.  "Ive known you for years, but we rarely meet and talk,  I get to hear about your adventures, eat pizza, and you'll tell me the best places to put up flyers?"  THIS!  This is how comfortable I want to feel when I hand out resumes and network with people.  BREATH MEL BREATH!

I walked around Vancouver and risked breaking some laws by putting up fliers.  An activity that would of caused me no pain three years ago left me on the floor of my hostel stretching in pain.  The next day I tried useing some oral THC spray to relieve the pain.  It was marginally effective, took off the edge, but Im not fond of walking around a strange town with my brain in a mild haze.

I have realized the simple beauty of the name 'Say Hello',  which by the way was the original name of my comic on drunk duck back in 2009, originally I chose the name because I had no idea where I wanted to go with the comics.   With a name like Say Hello I felt free to be as random as possible.  What I did not expect was complete strangers to walk up to me, take one look at the poster, and say hello.


THIS THE BEST NAME EVER!!!!!!!    IM A GENIUS!!!  The name does half the work for me!  Which is just perfect for a shy loudmouth like me.  Now to wait for the submissions to flow in.   Thats right people.  Im doing this for people to join my ranks of wannabe webcartoonist status.  You have no webcomic of your own, want to draw traffic to your personal webcomic but have a comic that dosnt work with your brand, you want to share your heart with the world but your afraid to put your name on it (we accept anonomouse submissions.), send the comics to me!  create a write up, artist statement, and link to your personal work.  dodooooooo ittttt!!!!!

All I ask is you dont send me sexies jokes.
I understand none of the sexy jokes.
I want to write my own.
IM 32!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Working on sorting out some ideas with...... COMICS.
Say Hello Comics!
Its always been a game to me and I want to share that love and game with the world.
YA.  I know its not new.  Its been done before.
Im a repetitive, possibly plagiarist, horrible human being.
DON'T GIVE A SHIT!!!!  I'm gonna have some fun and get my friends to join me!
FEAR ME!!!!!!

WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!  Why did I STOP making comics?!?!?!
I love to make plans! To map and explore the world.  When You have a job you love it's so easy to grow new love!

I wrote stories to my children and sang through the fields.  THEN SHIT HAPPENED.  I physically cant do the job RIGHT NOW.  HOPE! I HOPE I can return to it.
COMICS?  They where just a hobby to me but I recently tried to find a niche for me in a local company.  COLD CALLING!  I hate it but its necessary.

 Didn't pan out. OH WELL. *So much sarcasm*  For a time I return to the love of my child's heart.
OH WELL OH WELL.  I will get up and try something else but . . . .

 *actually*Super sad*


BOO psychology!
I will make a comic choir for you!
 I'm making a website!

Still working on the idea and all the logistics to make it work but until my life stabilizes getting this up and running is going to be my weekend job.  I want people to send me comics like the ones I made way back in 2010.  Your just playing a game making a funny sketch, or have an individual idea that has meaning to you, or you think the world needs to hear.  If you don't want your name attached to it because...... FEELINGS, eww I know, then I have no problem posting it for you anonymously. 

That is the idea anyway.  I'm gonna roll with it, maybe people join in, maybe I'm the only one that see's the value of such a site. Either way I'm gonna try to have fun with it.